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Bronies, they are more of them than Pegasisters. We need to show them we also are here too!

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Trick or Treating on Nightmare Night by dashleigh Trick or Treating on Nightmare Night :icondashleigh:dashleigh 504 103 It's Alright Shining Armour, I'm Fine... by dashleigh It's Alright Shining Armour, I'm Fine... :icondashleigh:dashleigh 643 83 Bein' Better Than the Rest of Us... by dashleigh Bein' Better Than the Rest of Us... :icondashleigh:dashleigh 178 28 Organisation Day in the Canterlot Library by dashleigh Organisation Day in the Canterlot Library :icondashleigh:dashleigh 260 39 Daredevil: Update by dashleigh Daredevil: Update :icondashleigh:dashleigh 162 47 Commission - Packrat by dashleigh Commission - Packrat :icondashleigh:dashleigh 122 18
How It Works: Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Bring It On
A silence that lasted no more than a split second filled the room, but it seemed to drag on forever. And then it erupted into chaos. Rarity's horn flashed to life, obscuring Twilight and herself. Applejack leapt over the table and urgently shoved Twilight into a back room, and Fluttershy followed. Pinkie Pie had completely disappeared. But Rainbowdash was faster than any of them. The cupcakes that had rested on her back moments before had now found themselves plastered against the wall.
Flim saw the Pegasus coming for him and moved to jump out of the way. That however wasn't fast enough. Rainbow collided with his shoulder with enough force to send him spinning into the door. Rainbow hovered above him ready to attack again.
Finally steadying himself, Flim shook his head trying to rid the stars that circled his head. Then he looked up to the flying mare. "What in Tartarus is your problem!?" he cried in rage.
"You!" growled Rainbow landing in a fighting stance.
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How It Works: Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Books and Blankets
"Do yah think we should go in there?" asked Applejack, flattening her ears against her head as the first shouts came through the door.
"I'll check!" volunteered Pinkie running towards the door and poking her head out. She was sent tumbling back, rolling head over tail with a book against her face. Coming to stop and shoving the book off her and looked up at her friends. "They're good on their own," she muttered rubbing her nose.
"Run!" cried Flim bursting through the kitchen door and straight out the back. Several books, controlled by magic, flew after him at incredible speed, but ended up hitting a tree that Flim had hid behind.
Realizing what was surely coming after the stallion Fluttershy and Rarity moved in front of the door, blocking the path of Twilight.
"Twilight," said Fluttershy carefully. "Twilight you need to calm down."
"You have to keep in mind that he didn't know. Why would he? How would he?" Rarity said.
Twilight's anger didn't subside but
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How It Works: Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Never Hit a Lady
Twilight walked the last few yards to her home, shivering at the cold wind that ruffled her mane. She opened the front door and walked into the familiar warmth. The room was dark and quiet, only the light of her magic cutting through the black.
A wheezing squeak from beneath her hoof caught her attention as she crossed the room. "What?" she asked herself out loud. She lit a nearby candle and found that she had stepped on a rubber chicken.
Looking through the dim gloom Twilight could make out the forms of five sleeping ponies. Smiling, she picked her way up the stairs to her bed where Spike was sitting.
"What are you doing up?" she asked climbing onto the bed.
"Waiting for you to get back," he replied. He paused, "What happened?"
"We talked. Not much else and then he left, said that if I ever needed him to let him know." Twilight stared at the blanket as she spoke. "I fell asleep and woke up a little bit ago. I think his brother was looking for him, that is
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How It Works: Chapter 16
Chapter 16: Words You Need to Hear
"GET OUT!" screamed Twilight. Sweat darkened the fur on her brow and her hooves were wrapped tightly in the blankets of the hospital bed. The tan stallion stepped back stunned hooves clicking on the tile floor.
"Get out," she screamed again tears pricking at her eyes. She couldn't take it anymore, the stress, the pain, the hovering of Flim. "I hate you."
Flim stumbled out the door, glancing over his shoulder at the enraged mare. Outside Fluttershy and Applejack looked at him with wide eyes. They were the only two who had arrived as of yet. "Wha happened?" asked AJ shocked.
"She…she kicked me out. She doesn't want me near her," he replied, his voice was choked.
"Oh, oh no," whispered Fluttershy. "Is she okay?"
"As fine as she can be," he muttered. "You two should go in there; someone needs to be with her." His eyes focused on the tiles beneath his hooves as he walked away, leaving the two mares.
Flim found a bench outside the doors of the hospital
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How It Works: Chapter 12
Chapter 12
   Twilight was alone in her room. She sat beside the open suitcase. She wondered how she could have been so wrong. Her friends accepted what had happened in stride. They weren't exactly happy with the events that had transpired between her and the cream colored stallion, but they accepted it.
   They insisted she come back to Ponyville. The others would understand just as they had. The worst she could expect to receive was a tongue lashing, and a lack of trust, but her friends would still hold dear to her, just as they always had.
   So now Twilight sat packing her things away. She had made sure to put Owlicious in a cage before she did anything else. When she told Celestia the alicorn only smiled knowingly and wished her the best of luck. All her things had been placed in the suitcase. A small shirt that read "I <3 Canterlot" rested on top of the pile. It was s gift that Celestia had given her, somewhat of a joke, but Twiligh
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How It Works: Chapter 11
Chapter 11: The Calm
"What?" asked Applejack looking intently at the frozen mare. "What do ya see?" Applejack received no answer so instead she followed her friend's gaze into the crowd and locked eyes with Twilight Sparkle.
She saw the purple unicorn's eyes widen and turn to run.
"Oh no," Applejack said to herself determined, "You ain't getting' away again." AJ snatched up a rope from a nearby stand and broke into a full out run. Twilight was slowing in pace but her horn had begun to glow. A flash of light and Twilight had disappeared from the market.
The orange farm pony didn't slow down. Instead she cut a sharp corner and kept running, dust rising from the road beneath her hooves. Behind her she could hear the flap of Fluttershy's wings as she struggled to keep up. "Where are we going?" asked Fluttershy, as she pulled up beside AJ. "She disappeared; we have no idea where she went!" Stress tinged her voice.
"Ah know where she went, only place in all of Canterlot she'd go," she replie
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How It Works: Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Collapse
Fluttershy slept peacefully, her animals dozed around her. The moon had just lowered beneath the horizon as the night entered into the early hours of morning. Above the mare's head a puff of green glowing smoke formed, swirling around an object as it slowly solidified. The smoke disappeared and the object at the center of it became subject to gravity once more, and fell with a clunk on Fluttershy's head.
With a yelp Fluttershy sat up, throwing the object onto her lap. "Oww," she whispered probing the growing lump with a hoof and wincing. Her gaze then fell to the item in her lap, a purple gem shining in the starlight. Eyes widening Fluttershy lifted the gem in her forehoof, "The sign."
"Well that's it for Coltshester, one last stop on the route," said Flam closing down the stand they had set up.
"Mmm," replied Flim in his half-hearted tone.
Flam frowned; Flim hadn't been the same since their little adventure. He lacked energy and spirit that had once
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How It Works: Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Flim Flam the Ninja Man!
Flim stood from the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000's couch fixture and stretched his limbs. Flim had once again rejoined his brother, much to Flam's enjoyment. Sales hadn't been as high as normal but they had been kept steady by Flam's hard work over the past month. Flam had already been up for several hours tweaking and fixing the machine.
During his adventures Flim had grown used to late mornings. Flim, leaned up against the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 600 earning a glare from Flam as it shifted beneath his weight.
"Glad to see you're awake," snapped Flim. "I wouldn't get use to that if I were you."
Flim shrugged off his brother's comment. "Fine, but I need your help with something. I've got an outline of a plan but it needs your genius to work," he said appealing to his twin's ego.
"And what would that be?" asked Flam his interest piqued. If Flim had dropped to schmoozing him he had to be desperate.
"Well," said Flim with a sly smile, "It involves
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How It Works: Chapter 8.5
Chapter 8.5: Forget Me Not
Twilight had gone to bed hours before but barely slept at all. Tossing and turning all night. Every now and then the power of exhaustion would take over, but it would only offer minutes of sleep at time. Frustration eventually won out. Throwing the covers from her body Twilight stepped out of her bed and stretched.
Stepping from her room, Twilight found the halls of the castle cool and silent. Closing her door gently behind her she roamed aimlessly. After an hour of walking came across a noise she knew well.
From behind a pair of large double doors, which greatly resembled the doors that guarded her chambers. Gently nudging the door with her hoof it creaked open. Twilight couldn't make out her assistant from the folds of the giant bed, but she knew he was there from his consistent snoring. A small ache pulled at her heart as she silently entered the room.
It broke her to do this, but she had no other choice. Twilight didn't know what Spike had done while she
:iconcrazypurplebat:Crazypurplebat 30 39
How It Works: Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Discovery
Over Canterlot the last rays of sunlight disappeared of the horizon, bathing the sky in an array of colors. Above the gardens of Canterlot the two royal sisters stood on a balcony, performing their daily duties. This was the time they spent together, the time they felt most connected. The last light of day blinked out of existence and Celestia went back to the castle leaving Luna to finish raising the moon.
Tonight the moon was full and ripe. The golden white color bathed Equestria in its beauty. With a sigh Luna watched her friend rise into the sky. Then a flash interrupted the beauty. A bright purple light flooded the gardens, causing Luna to wince back with squinted eyes. As the light faded into glow, Luna hurriedly raised the moon, and leapt from the balcony, ready to investigate the strange happening.
In the gardens below sat Twilight Sparkle. Her eyes were closed and she was surrounded by bags of luggage and a dizzy purple dragon. Spike wobbled back a few ste
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